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Right now this Web site has worthwhile information on health/medical topics and travel topics, which of course you can see in the menus and drop-down menus above. You can also find Facebook pages associated with each of these topic areas,  on the directory above, including: Gout Solutions, Healthy Living, Plantar Fasciitis Solutions, Vacation Destinations and Vacation Health.

You may want to go right to those drop-down menus for topics of interest, or you might scan a little more detail, below, of what’s in this Web site.

I don’t give advice personally on medical topics. As a health/medical science writer of several decades experience (Google my name, Robert Ebisch, and smatterings of a long history of work both health/medical/science and general-interest will pop up), I specialize in finding and working with doctors, scientists and other experts. It’s them talking, not me. When I use “the editorial we” in dispensing observations or advice, that means the expert guidance is coming not from me but from the people who really know what they are talking about.

You’ll find that guidance in topics including: Plantar Fasciitis Solutions, Gout SolutionsRotator Cuff SolutionsAchilles Tendon problems and solutions, Heartburn Help, and other topics including Vacation Health and even Vacation Destinations, as long as we’re on that subject.

You’ll find the strictly practical, as in the section on plantar fasciitis stretching exercises detailed by medical experts as the most important element allowing 90 % of plantar fasciitis suffers to self-cure without surgery; or the advice on rotator-cuff-specific exercises using the right muscles in the right range of motion.

And you’ll find the interesting, the entertaining and sometimes even the bizarre, as in Pets Are Filthy, a horror story on the germs and infections we can get from our dear little friends; or When Your Achilles Tendon SNAPS!

Mainly, though, this site is meant to be useful. Certainly, with any physical problem, you should see a doctor, a physical therapist, or other medical practitioner. But here is a place to get a start, and a place to explore the bigger picture after the medical specialist has got you on your way. As a problem develops and continues, we have host of questions, and then we think of others. A visit to the doctor just does not provide enough time to go deep and wide in your own understanding.

At my visit to a podiatrist looking for Plantar Fasciitis Solutions, I later discovered, I only learned a fraction of what one needs to know on the topic. The podiatrist had time for limited advice, but not time for many questions. He was poised on the edge of his chair, and I could see that he was mentally tapping his fingers waiting for the questions to end, because the next patient was tightly scheduled. And then he ended it. And then he ended the questions, and I left.

His advice was to do a number of stretching exercises, wear orthotics, take Ibuprofen, roll a frozen water bottle under the foot, and then we would consider cortisone shots, with the ultimate possibility of surgery. That advice touched only a fraction of the possibilities outlined on this Web site, and as for cortisone shots? Check out the Cortisone Injections portion of this Web site for an alternative view on that treatment.

You need to listen to your medical authorities, but you need to know more, and the latest, about your topic of interest, be it Plantar Fasciitis Solutions, Gout Solutions, Heartburn Help, Achilles tendon problems and care, Rotator Cuff issues and exercises, and more.

And while your at it, keep a happy thought on this summer season, scout a few possible Travel Solutions on our Vacation Destinations pages and be prepared for the exigencies of travel with advice from the experts in our Vacation Health section.

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