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Robert Ebisch has a background of decades as a Health/Medical/Science writer and columnist for magazines and newspapers, popular journalism in all topics, experience in business and technology, and writing not only for publications but also for companies, agencies and institutions. Publications include freelance features in most of the nation’s major newspapers, from the Washington Post and Philadelphia Inquirer to the Seattle Times, San Francisco Chronicle and Los Angeles Times, and newspapers in Canada, Latin America, Europe and Asia; and publication in both specialized and trade magazines as well as popular magazines ranging from Worth Magazine and Men’s Journal to Science Digest, Science News and Sky Magazine [in-flight mag of Delta Airlines, readership est. three million], where he was the health/medical columnist from 1993 to 2008.

What the … ?

Last month took my first backpacking trip since before I got plantar fasciitis, 16 miles and up to 11,500 feet in Colorado’s Flat Tops Wilderness. No heel pain, no problem. What the …? How did I emerge from the gloom of limping debilitation and come to this? More on that question on the home page of my plantar fasciitis Web site at:


♫ NAILED IT♪ — Gout in the Family

Medical people always “knew” it from experience, but now one of those big “epidemiological” studies has nailed it. You can tell how likely a person is to get gout by how many and how close are the relatives who have it. Differences between men and women. Uric acid in the gene pool. INNNNN-teresting:http://www.bobbingforanswers.com/gout-news-tips/

New Gout News – February 2014

Gout Research Study Revelations

Studies reported on our Gout News Web page paint a different picture of wine vs. beer and alcohol for Gout sufferers; provide new specific food recommendations; and suggest that gout could, with what we know now, go the way of smallpox and become a disorder of the past. Stories at: http://www.bobbingforanswers.com/gout-news-tips/

Does A Frozen Water Bottle Help Plantar Fasciitis?

Rolling On A Frozen Water Bottle – Science or Quackery?

Does it really help your plantar fasciitis to roll your heel on a frozen water bottle? Or is this just more pseudoscientific gibberish? The experts weigh in, at: http://www.plantarfasciitis-help.com/plantar-fasciitis-tips/ or at: http://www.bobbingforanswers.com/plantar-fasciitis-tips/

Plantar Fasciitis Foot Notes

Plantar Fasciitis Foot Notes

Since the time MY plantar fasciitis launched from a tissue-traumatizing heel impact September 2011; through countless hours of telephone interviews — for this Web site and its companion Facebook page — with doctors and other medical personnel and scientists; through testing what I learned, using myself as lab rat; to the present state of cure and beyond: Here’s the story ( ♫ of a lovely lady ♪ ) in a nutshell. http://www.plantarfasciitis-help.com/my-pf-story/

Plantar Fasciitis Cure: Want It? Know This

Now that I’ve been doing this Web site for a year and have become an obnoxious know-it-all on the topic of Plantar Fasciitis, I’ve developed the pompous opinion that I know something about it. Cut to the core of it at Plantar Fasciitis Cure: Whattaya Mean, “Cured?” at http://www.bobbingforanswers.com/whattaya-mean-cured/ or at our mirror site [specific ONLY to plantar fasciitis], at: http://www.plantarfasciitis-help.com/whattaya-mean-cured/



The Heart of Der Harz

The Heart of the Harz
Wernigerode, in the shadow of the Brocken, the highest point in northern Germany, is quite simply the best place to stay for a vacation in the Harz Mountains. See the story at:

Handy URLs for Info and Advice on Gout

Gout Forums & Resources

A new feature with a limited number of URLs that have proven useful for those seeking information and advice on  Gout. Why stumble blindly around the Web shotgunning key words in a confusing search where the vast majority of links are limited in quality and content, pushing products or preaching pseudoscience? Start here: http://www.bobbingforanswers.com/gout-forums-resources/

A Great Gout News Web Source

Another reason to learn the best and latest about gout and how to fight it, in the latest news, this one from October: The  risk of heart attack and stroke is twice as high among gout patients as it is in the general population. … because the high uric acid levels that cause gout are “also a strong risk factor  for heart attack and stroke”? Just one tidbit in a feast of recent studies that can be found on another Great Gout News Web Source featured in http://www.bobbingforanswers.com/gout-news-tips/