Bad Heel Day – Achilles Tendon

When Your Achilles Tendon SNAPS!

With age and athletic abuse, the Achilles tendon weakens, degenerates, gets soft and brown on the inside like a rotten apple and, for tens of thousands of Americans each year, ruptures. “Typically they go down like somebody’s shot them in the leg,” says a pro sports athletic trainer. “There can be an audible pop, like the sound of a small-gauge weapon being discharged. There’s nothing pretty about it. The tendon is composed of fibers, and when it ruptures it looks like a plate of spaghetti that just exploded, a wet mop, a plate of worms, ends and tissues going everywhere.” A doctor says, “If you see them right away, before it swells, you can stick your finger in there. There’s a gap of about an inch.” Most active patients or athletes with a rupture need to have surgery right away, within 10 days. “I’ve had some people come in six months later,” says one doctor, “and the tendon shortens. It just rolls up into the leg like a window shade.” Read the whole horrible story, “Bad Heel Day.” Oh yeah, and there’s advice about Achilles tendonitis too.

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