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While Bobbing For Answers has major focuses on a small number of topics, health/medical sciences is a broad topic with a lot of interesting and fun niches. Here’s where we will spotlight stories that concentrate on some of those niches, starting with one of MY favorite topics, It’s Official; Coffee IS Good for You!

“Healthy Life Stories” only covers one aspect of these stories. “Useful Health Stories” might also be a good way to describe them. That is, these are topics that can really help people not only understand the health topics covere but also help them deal with it. As in the story Heartburn Help, on Gastroestophagal Reflux Disease (GERD), also known as heartburn. Or the story on Pets and Germs, what people — especially parents — should know about the panoply of medical horrors that lurk in the sweetest little pets. As in How Alcoholic Spirits Do Their Work, how not just alcohol itself but the countless “congeners” in alcoholic drinks work their good and bad effects.

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What the … ?

Last month took my first backpacking trip since before I got plantar fasciitis, 16 miles and up to 11,500 feet in Colorado’s Flat Tops Wilderness. No heel pain, no problem. What the …? How did I emerge from the gloom of limping debilitation and come to this? More on that question on the home page of my plantar fasciitis Web site at:

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