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Gout News – Especially good source of recent news on gout.

Mayo Clinic, on Gout – Not news, but all the basic skinny on gout, from symptoms and risk factors to treatments and prevention.

Newswise – A science wire service, is a great place to find medical news on plantar fasciitis, gout or whatever. You can go to their “Medical News'”section for the latest, but best, I think, is to plug your key word into their Search function.

The Journal of Musculoskeletal Medicine is a treasure trove of information on gout, plantar fasciitis and other topics to anyone who cares to use the resource. All you have to do is sign up – and it’s free – for access. You can search the archives, and you can also opt to receive periodic emails highlighting articles on new research and publications.

… and, of course, our Gout Solutions Facebook page, not to be confused with the Gout Solutions Facebook page below, under Forums.



Foot Pain Guide – A Facebook community with reader suggestions and questions.

Gout –  Facebook

Gout remedies – Facebook

Gout Solutions – Facebook, with a little different offering than our page of the same name.

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What the … ?

Last month took my first backpacking trip since before I got plantar fasciitis, 16 miles and up to 11,500 feet in Colorado’s Flat Tops Wilderness. No heel pain, no problem. What the …? How did I emerge from the gloom of limping debilitation and come to this? More on that question on the home page of my plantar fasciitis Web site at:


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