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Another reason to learn the best and latest about gout and how to fight it, in the latest news, this one from October: The  risk of heart attack and stroke is twice as high among gout patients as it is in the general population. … because the high uric acid levels that cause gout are “also a strong risk factor  for heart attack and stroke”? Just one tidbit in a feast of recent studies that can be found on another Great Gout News Web Source featured in http://www.bobbingforanswers.com/gout-news-tips/

ChatForums – Plantar Fasciitis and Gout

ChatForums feature real people with real problems, comments and questions, and ChatForum answers on plantar fasciitis and gout:  “My bf seems to have all the symptoms of gout … I really want to help him …” or “… BEEN SUFFERING WITH HEEL CRAP FOR 6 MONTHS NOW …THIS IS NIGHTMARE …” or “… every step I take is excruciating. I have had cotizone injections, Physiclal Therapy, Ultrasound, you name it …The suggestions in your article have been beneficial in aiding my search!..” ChatForums at: http://www.bobbingforanswers.com/chatforums/

Gout Questions, Gout Answers

Gout Questions Answered

Can gout be cured? And whattaya mean, cured? Changing technology for gout management. What to expect – and what to do — during the months , even up to a year, it takes for medications to remove uric acid crystals from the joints. Why does getting older make you get gout? New: All these answers and more, from gout authority Dr. Theodore Fields, at Gout News & Tips: http://www.bobbingforanswers.com/gout-news-tips/

Gout Remedies — Folklore & Fallacies

Gout Remedies — Folklore & Fallacies

When a physical affliction is giving pain, we have a tendency to get very open-minded about trying just about anything. Folklore gout solutions from family, friends and the Web, from seaweed collagen to papaya cubes with green tea: sense, nonsense or who knows? The doctors preach caution, common sense and paying attention, first, to medical advice. What’s the doctor’s opinion and advice? Find out at Gout Folklore & Fallacies: http://www.bobbingforanswers.com/gout-folklore-fallacies/