♫ NAILED IT♪ — Gout in the Family

Medical people always “knew” it from experience, but now one of those big “epidemiological” studies has nailed it. You can tell how likely a person is to get gout by how many and how close are the relatives who have it. Differences between men and women. Uric acid in the gene pool. INNNNN-teresting:http://www.bobbingforanswers.com/gout-news-tips/

New Gout News – February 2014

Gout Research Study Revelations

Studies reported on our Gout News Web page paint a different picture of wine vs. beer and alcohol for Gout sufferers; provide new specific food recommendations; and suggest that gout could, with what we know now, go the way of smallpox and become a disorder of the past. Stories at: http://www.bobbingforanswers.com/gout-news-tips/

Handy URLs for Info and Advice on Gout

Gout Forums & Resources

A new feature with a limited number of URLs that have proven useful for those seeking information and advice on  Gout. Why stumble blindly around the Web shotgunning key words in a confusing search where the vast majority of links are limited in quality and content, pushing products or preaching pseudoscience? Start here: http://www.bobbingforanswers.com/gout-forums-resources/

A Great Gout News Web Source

Another reason to learn the best and latest about gout and how to fight it, in the latest news, this one from October: The  risk of heart attack and stroke is twice as high among gout patients as it is in the general population. … because the high uric acid levels that cause gout are “also a strong risk factor  for heart attack and stroke”? Just one tidbit in a feast of recent studies that can be found on another Great Gout News Web Source featured in http://www.bobbingforanswers.com/gout-news-tips/

Gout: A Case for Pegloticase

Gout: Study Makes Case for Pegloticase

“Complete response in more than 80% of patients maintaining” blood serum level of uric acid, “below 6 mg/dL for 1 year.” Pegloticase, trade name Krystexxa, is still a new drug  in medicine’s arsenal, approved by the FDA for use in the U.S. only in 2010. Now study results published this month, October 2013, gives a boost to its credentials for reduction, even elimination, of uric-acid crystal deposits. Known as “tophi,” these are the deposits that cause swelling, deformity and chronic pain in gout sufferers. More info at: http://www.bobbingforanswers.com/gout-news-tips/

Some Herbal Medicines for Gout Cause Cancer

Some Herbal Medicines for Gout Cause Cancer

Aristolochic acid, a natural product of Aristolochia plants found in birthwort and other products sold as herbal medicines for gout, arthritis and inflammation, “causes kidney failure and urothelial carcinoma of the upper urinary tract,” according to August 2013 publications. More details in Gout News & Tips.


Why Did Generic Colchicine Dissappear?

Why Did Generic Colchicine Dissappear?

You rarely see a generic drug turning into a brand-name drug, so a lot of folks with gout wondered…“WTH?” (What the heck?) when one of their most valued medicines suddenly took that rout and the price skyrocketed from pennies per pill to dollars per pill. A lot of people went beyond wondering, to outrage. For some two million gout sufferers in the U.S., after all, colchicine is a major weapon against pain. What the heck happened?

Gout – “Big Toe Not the Culprit”

Gout Flare-Ups: “Big Toe Not the Biggest Culprit.”

This falls in the category of “What the….?” A Mayo Clinic study (released 6/6/13) found that even though people usually associate gout with the big toe, patients with the highest risk of flare-ups are not those with gout pain in the big toe but those whose gout originated in other joints (such as knee or elbow): http://www.bobbingforanswers.com/gout-news-tips/

ChatForums – Plantar Fasciitis and Gout

ChatForums feature real people with real problems, comments and questions, and ChatForum answers on plantar fasciitis and gout:  “My bf seems to have all the symptoms of gout … I really want to help him …” or “… BEEN SUFFERING WITH HEEL CRAP FOR 6 MONTHS NOW …THIS IS NIGHTMARE …” or “… every step I take is excruciating. I have had cotizone injections, Physiclal Therapy, Ultrasound, you name it …The suggestions in your article have been beneficial in aiding my search!..” ChatForums at: http://www.bobbingforanswers.com/chatforums/

Gout Questions, Gout Answers

Gout Questions Answered

Can gout be cured? And whattaya mean, cured? Changing technology for gout management. What to expect – and what to do — during the months , even up to a year, it takes for medications to remove uric acid crystals from the joints. Why does getting older make you get gout? New: All these answers and more, from gout authority Dr. Theodore Fields, at Gout News & Tips: http://www.bobbingforanswers.com/gout-news-tips/