New Plantar Fasciitis Web site

Bobbing for Answers has popped its Plantar Fasciitis section out as a new Web site with a new URL specifically for Plantar Fasciitis: … for those Web seekers interested ONLY in that topic. Meanwhile, Plantar Fasciitis will continue to be a part of Bobbing for Answers, as it continues to be a part of some 4 million American feet.

ChatForums – Plantar Fasciitis and Gout

ChatForums feature real people with real problems, comments and questions, and ChatForum answers on plantar fasciitis and gout:  “My bf seems to have all the symptoms of gout … I really want to help him …” or “… BEEN SUFFERING WITH HEEL CRAP FOR 6 MONTHS NOW …THIS IS NIGHTMARE …” or “… every step I take is excruciating. I have had cotizone injections, Physiclal Therapy, Ultrasound, you name it …The suggestions in your article have been beneficial in aiding my search!..” ChatForums at: