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Iceland may not seem like a place you’d want to visit in January. Here’s why you should.


So many places to go, and how does one know ahead of time what will be the greatest places one has ever gone? We can’t tell you about every awesome vacation destination, but let’s start our Travel Solutions with these first-hand reports, and we’ll be adding more. (and do weigh in, if you care to, on the Vacation Destinations Facebook page).

Our Travel Solutions also include Germany’s Black Forest in Autumn, when the tourist hordes have departed and the fall colors paint a landscape so sparkly with sunlight that one almost expects to see Julie Andrews spinning like a top, if the weather turns, even better. Then back into the mists again, in woods as delightfully dark and foreboding as a Teutonic fairy tale.

Lapa Rios is a Travel Solution for anyone who aspires to immersion in an ancient, timeless and beautiful fantasy of Costa Rica’s wildlerness before humans, and a resort experience in “ecotourism,” or “sustainable tourism.”

And Florence, Italy, is a perfect example of how great popular vacay destinations can be in the off season.

More Travel Solutions to be added. That photo at the top of the page, for example, that’s the Scottish Highlands, family and friends on a stone bridge on a deserted road in the crags above Glencoe, Scotland. The Scottish Highlands, a now-I-can-die vacation, we’ll write about that.   And other’s around the globe. And yes, the U.S. is more than enough. On our Vacation Destinations Facebook page, the banner photo across the top is one I took of family and friends in Nebraska where the sheer size and emptiness of the High Plains landscape takes your breath away, each valley a lost world, each upland a vista too vast to wrap eyes and brain around. The profile shot of me is of fishing in the Colorado Rockies on a backpacking trip. Blah Blah. Many more to come, including a tour of countries of the Baltic Sea; London; many parts of Germany and Austria; Italy; Crotia, Latin American, etc. As the Vacation Destinations Facebook page says, personal experience is the best recommendation. Let’s share. I’ll start.

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